Sunak mulls new lifelines for Covid-struck firms

The Treasury is considering ways of making it easier for businesses to access coronavirus support loans – ahead of expected measures from the Chancellor designed to create “jobs, jobs, jobs” in an effort to kick-start the economy. 

Officials from the Treasury and the British Business Bank are reviewing access to state-backed loan schemes after the European Commission last week relaxed state aid rules that blocked lifelines for some UK firms. 

A Treasury spokesman confirmed they “are considering the implications of this [EC’s] amendment for the loan schemes” and that the change by the EC was “an important step in ensuring

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Super Saturday proves to be more like a damp squib

It was hyperbolically billed as Super Saturday. The day when lockdown would relax and England would have so many of its precious freedoms restored. The pubs would reopen and cinema projectors roll, the Prime Minister declared.

Hairdressers would restore the nation’s crowning glories, bored zoo animals would again find an admiring audience. But could we be trusted with such liberty? Apparently not. 

Accident and Emergencies braced themselves for a New Year-scale influx of the drunk, the damaged and incapable.

Police were on high alert for that point when hot weather high jinx would invariably tip over into violence. Our politicians

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OneWeb is an exciting but risky gamble for taxpayers

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is pressing ahead with Starlink, the satellite broadband arm of SpaceX, which has the advantage of its own successful rocket-launching business. OneWeb intended to use Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit satellite-launching service, but it remains under development and the cancelled contract ended up in court. The few dozen OneWeb satellites now in orbit were put there by Russian rockets. But all is not lost. Whether or not OneWeb succeeds as a business, the Government appears to have decided that it can serve as further stimulus to Britain’s burgeoning space industry.

The decision to invest has been received

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‘Our castle is like a great-aunt who tells us what to do all the time’

At Hedingham Castle you get two houses for the price of one. The first is a Norman keep; the other, an 18th-century country house. Jason and Demetra Lindsay live in and have been locked down in the latter with their three children, Natasha, 15, and twins Thomas and Anthony, 13.

“It is strange living next door to a Norman castle,” admits Jason, 51. “When we got married we said we wouldn’t be controlled by Hedingham,” says Demetra, 48. “We failed completely. Hedingham is like a great-aunt who tells us what to do all the time.”

Hedingham Castle, 18 miles from

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