3 Types of Advertising Online

Linda J. Dodson

The internet has become one of the primary resources to gather business. Websites are considered to be the most powerful marketing tool, owing to the exponential rise of internet users. To establish a strong brand identity and to promote your business world- wide you need a strong online exposure. There are several types of online marketing techniques which are being used for business promotion. Let us have a quick look at 3 types of marketing online which are simple and effective.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique by which exposure of the websites can be enhanced and is sometimes called “organic advertising” or “organic marketing.” Optimization of the website is done with the aim of making them much more accessible to the prospective clients as well as search engine crawlers. It is an effective way to bring the targeted visitors to your site. Use of this technique makes it possible for all Search Engines to index your websites. SEO uses elements like menus, images, titles and keywords etc. to enhance the exposure of websites so that they can be easily found.

Social Media Advertising

This is one of the most effective online advertising techniques and has taken the internet by storm. Due to this reason a majority of businesses is making use of social media platforms to divert traffic to their websites. The best thing about using Social Media Marketing technique is that you do not have to incur much cost. Making your business profiles in the most popular Social Media Platform like Facebook and LinkedIn is free. Moreover, to have your business on the social networks is the most effective way to reach your potential customers worldwide.

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is an abbreviation for Pay Per click advertising. In this online marketing technique businesses pay to their affiliates only when their advertisement is clicked. Websites that make use of PPC. Whenever any potential customer clicks on the advertisement displayed on the affiliate website, he gets paid. Websites that make use of PPC display advertisements which are based on the keyword list of the advertiser and the related content is then shown to the users. Pay Per Click is used for creating highly targeted visitors and also to lure the visitors who are looking for some specific product or service.

Making use of online marketing techniques is a sure-shot way to grow your business. With the rapid rise of internet users, more and more companies are joining the fray of having a strong online presence.

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