5 Business Tips To See You Through 2024

Linda J. Dodson
5 Tips on Using Innovation to Grow Your Business in 2024

Recovering from the effects that the pandemic has on businesses and the economy has been a difficult task for many people – however, one industry that has recovered very quickly and is growing consistently is the construction industry. Many businesses can take inspiration from how the construction industry is growing significantly and recovering from the effects of lockdown – and here are 5 business tips that you can apply to your own company. 

Upskill Your Staff 

One of the best things that the construction industry has done over the past few years is to invest in the skills development of their staff. Starting before the pandemic, the construction industry has been facing a huge skills gap which has caused a lot of operational problems. Investing in construction NVQs has made a huge difference to the industry and has allowed workers to develop the skills they need to complete certain jobs and contracts – so upskilling your staff can only be a positive!  

Pay Attention To The Industry

There could be many industry changes and developments that could significantly affect the way that your business works – internally or externally. One of the key problems that faced the construction industry recently is the change regarding CSCS cards – industry accreditation was ended, and that meant that many people with blue or gold CSCS cards were unable to continue with their work and renew their card. However, getting NVQs allowed these workers to get new CSCS cards. When you pay attention to the industry, you can avoid disasters like this and prepare in advance so that your business doesn’t have any severe problems.

Invest In Digital Marketing

Most industries recognise the importance of digital marketing – however, despite being one of the largest industries in the world, the construction industry has been slow on the uptake. Only 50% of construction companies are using digital marketing such as social media and search marketing. However, the construction companies that are doing it are doing very well – and experiencing more growth than their competitors. Investing in digital marketing is essential if you want your company to grow just like certain construction companies. 

Embrace The Green Economy

The push for sustainability has been one of the most influential trends in the economy over the past few decades – as saving the planet is something that benefits all of us. By investing in construction green skills training, construction companies have been able to get ahead and prepare for green projects, such as building green homes – don’t neglect sustainability!

Look For Funding 

Another key way that many construction companies have found ways to expand and grow is through funding opportunities. One of the biggest barriers to upskilling is the cost that it takes to fund qualifications for the workforce – however, many people in the construction industry have been able to access CITB grants and other local funding opportunities that have helped them expand their business. Make sure that you are doing the same in your business and finding possible funding opportunities – it could end up making a huge difference. 

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