Role of BPM in Human Resources

Well, we do know that various technologies are now in place to simplify human resource management. Most of these technologies depend on merging information technology with the automation of various sub-processes, and since the function of the human resources department is no longer limited to performing administrative duties, its effective […]

How to Terminate an Employee

There will come a time when a manager needs to make the tough decision to terminate an employee. These types of decisions are never easy, but necessary. However, they can be accomplished in a planful, formal and logical fashion to maximize your control over the discussion. The decision to terminate […]

The Five W’s of Human Resource

Linda J. Dodson

Why have an HR function? A well-established HR function will: • increase your productivity • reduce your overheads • increase your employees commitment to your business • improve your employee/employer relationship • minimise risk in employment relationships • assist in establishing your business strategy • help put your strategy into […]

10 Strategic Tips For Employee Retention

Linda J. Dodson

Lots of Model Survey are being used nowadays for the purpose of HR-benchmarking such as the classic Cross-Sectional Surveys, Longitudinal Surveys and other copyrighted Management Model Survey such as Engagement Model Survey, David Ulrich Models etc… but because of the complexity of human behavior a scenario of one survey conducted […]

Building HR Credibility by Avoiding HR Speak

Linda J. Dodson

The issue of HR speak is a real challenge, as it significantly impacts on the credibility of the HR function. It has become endemic to find a maelstrom of confusing terminology that does little to improve the practice of people management, and much to mystify managers and confuse employees, as […]

Formulation Of Human Resources Strategy

Linda J. Dodson

The formulation of the organization’s human resources strategy begins with basic questions concerning how employment will be structured, what corporate culture will be fostered, how careers will unfold in the organization, what sort of employees will be sought, and so forth. Within this general category of tasks we include both […]