Human Resource Management Solutions And The Benefits

A complete human resource management solution is needed for people who are highly pressed for time. The customized solutions for basic HR activities and processes are required for every organization. To minimize manual intervention and reduce workload of HR administrative activities, organizations have started implementing different HR systems to automate […]

Advantages of Bevel Gears

Linda J. Dodson

Bevel gear is one important type of gears. It can take the force from one direction and change it to another direction. For instance, force from a drill that comes in horizontally can be changed to a vertical force with the use of a bevel gear. It is shaped like […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and HR Implications

Linda J. Dodson

As we see every day companies spend huge amounts of money trying to be socially responsible. My first consideration is concerned about why companies are “socially” and “ethically” active and what are the main issues involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR). There are many references to corporate social responsibility, sometimes […]

Centrally Manage Human Resources Administration

Linda J. Dodson

Management of human resource provides solution that connects the people, processes and knowledge essential for an organization. For employees, centrally managed human resource administration, enables organizations in streamline processes, increase access to information, and reduce HR-related paperwork and costs. For this companies has been outsourcing Hr services and the offshore […]

Terminate Performance Evaluations & Implement Process Evaluations

Linda J. Dodson

When will managers stop abusing their most valued assets (employees) with the annual “stress-tests” known as performance evaluations? In today’s business environment, organizations are constantly seeking a competitive advantage in the marketplace in such areas as products/services, employee recruitment/retention, and customer loyalty. Can there be any better competitive advantage that […]

Scope of Human Resource in Management

Linda J. Dodson

The human resource is an area which is still to be explored, the microscopic vision, indeed would make it the most desirable future market in the employment base. HR is how an individual’s creative skills, knowledge and aptitude and approaches are obtained. And in turn, we define a human management […]

The Effect of RPA on HR – Why Is It a Game Changer?

Linda J. Dodson

Though many consider artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to be past the reach of humans. Technology has proved it wrong. Innovations in the field of cloud computing, cognitive intelligence and machine learning have created the possibility to utilize robotic process automation (RPA) in daily life. RPA is widely being regarded […]