How coronavirus is wreaking havoc for divorcing couples

Divorcing couples could face delays, battles over maintenance payments and separation from their children as coronavirus has thrown traditional court processes out of the window. 

The pandemic has led to job losses, financial difficulties and childcare problems while schools are closed. Trudi Featherstone, a partner at law firm Goodman Ray, warned that these factors could force some families to reconsider settlements and even whether to get divorced at all.

“The period of isolation will be difficult for all families, but for those going through a divorce it could be particularly painful,” she said. 

Delays in the courts 

Couples who are

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How working from home because of coronavirus could cost you more

The tens of thousands of employees who have recently switched to working from home are likely to see the effects reflected in their bank accounts next month.

The average Brit is saving approximately £55 each week by not socialising or doing leisure activities while in lockdown, according to research by price comparison site Workers also expect to cut down their spending by an extra £45 per week by not commuting or buying lunch. But are they right? 

Although some may make savings by not travelling to work, others are finding they forking out extra now that their home has

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can you also cancel BT Sport?

With millions of people across the country preparing to spend weeks at home, many will be relying on television to provide them with information and entertainment during the coronavirus crisis.

However, sports fans will have a limited choice of viewing as most of the world’s major sports leagues have announced that they will suspend their competitions to help limit the spread of the virus.

In football, the Premier League, Champions League, Football League and National League have all been placed on a hiatus. Other sports such as Formula 1, rugby union and rugby league have also halted their seasons. 


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I’ve lost my job, how do I apply for Universal Credit?

The effects of coronavirus are taking their toll as millions of Britons could be out of a job if companies continue to be forced to drastically cut down costs.

The Treasury is setting up a Job Retention Scheme to incentivise employers to keep as many employees on the payroll as possible but that’s not going to be an option for the hardest-hit businesses. 

It is also not available to any of Britain’s five million self-employed workers if they lose their livelihood due to the pandemic. The Government has said it will instead support them via a grant scheme to cover

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