Embark On Your Career Path Through Top Job Applications

In the United States of America, there are a number of retail chains dealing in home related retail products, building materials and services, Fast Food items, Ice Cream & Bakery products, Pharmaceutical items, restaurants and grocery products. These sectors are not only meeting the everyday requirements of the people but […]

Top 10 Jobs For Ex Felons

Getting a job with a felony on your record can be very difficult, as you probably already know. Jobs for felons are difficult to get, and most companies wont hire a felon. The ones that do generally don’t pay very well. I have compiled a list of the top 10 […]

How to Feel Satisfied in Your Career

Linda J. Dodson

Many people turn a beloved hobby into a vocation. They have a gift, a talent screaming for expression. It means doing something that they love. At last, they feel empowered. However, this newfound empowerment is inside the person, not in the changing of careers. How can you feel empowered if […]

Job Performance and Satisfaction

Linda J. Dodson

Attempting to understand the nature of job satisfaction and its effects on work performance is not easy. For at least 50 years industrial/organizational psychologists have been wrestling with the question of the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. Researchers have put a considerable amount of effort into attempts to […]

Does a Pharmacist Career Offer Flexibility?

Linda J. Dodson

Pharmacists play an important role in the healthcare field. They are trained in the dispensing of medications which requires an understanding of how drugs work such as drug interactions, the effects of the drugs on the body, dosages and strengths, and the side affects. As the role of pharmacists evolved […]

Duties Involved In LPN Jobs

Linda J. Dodson

LPNs are licensed practical nurses, also known as licensed vocational nurses. Within any medical institution, the LPNs are the nurses who provide the greatest amount of direct healthcare to the patients. As such, their role is very important. They are the ones who cater to the daily needs of the […]

Killing Your Job Search With Inept Net-Working

Linda J. Dodson

Did anyone ever ask you about openings in your company? It’s painful to say “sorry” to these people, and it’s humiliating for them to ask. Networking for openings doesn’t work. Well, it was OK when you were just beginning your career. Jack got his high school stock boy job by […]