Offshore Oil Drilling Jobs And Careers

People are often amazed at the choices available for oil rig jobs offshore. Ranging from very technical to general labor, oil rig jobs cover a broad range of specialties. You will have no trouble finding an oil rig job performing almost anything you care to work at. Rig careers can […]

Beginning To See the Light

Linda J. Dodson

What seems like ten years was only three short years ago. We experienced the beginning of the worst down turn in our economy that many of us will ever see again in our lifetime. In the early 80’s I’ve been told that it was just as bad with the lost […]

Using Keywords in Your Engineering Job Search

Linda J. Dodson

Without question there is far more competition now for every job posting. The recession has been exceptional hard on certain professions, especially civil engineering. The number of new jobs has been few compared to the number of individuals seeking employment. In this environment, you need an edge to set yourself […]

Careers In Forensic Nursing

Linda J. Dodson

Clinical nursing, within the law enforcement includes the treatment of victims of sexual assault, child abuse, accident victims, trauma and the investigation of the culprits. Within the combination of medical and legal expertise, forensic-nursing includes investigation of death and treatment of the victims at psychiatric centers. Due to the steady […]

Women As EMTs and Paramedics

Linda J. Dodson

The recent economic downturn and increased unemployment has forced many people to look ‘out of the box’ for employment, especially for women. The typical standby restaurant and retail jobs, as well as others, have greatly diminished and affected workers have begun to assess where the next generation of secure employment […]

Employment Struggles for Older Workers

Linda J. Dodson

It’s happening again. One of the perverse hallmarks of the Great Recession ten years ago was the expulsion of many older workers from the workforce. A significant amount of experienced employees found themselves forced into sudden unemployment or premature retirement. Many never fully recovered financially or emotionally and their careers […]

Social Work Manager – A Recession-Proof Career

Linda J. Dodson

Consider the social care sector, and the term ‘recession-proof’ probably doesn’t leap to mind. But since the beginning of the economic downturn, lists of recession-proof careers have begun to crop up all over the place, and social work has been on nearly every one. Death and taxes might help to […]