Do you have questions about buying and selling property during coronavirus? Join our live video Q&A

In March, the British property market shut for lockdown, suspending the moves of 450,000 buyers and renters, and throwing everyone involved in a purchase or sale into a painful financial limbo. 

Today, the markets in Wales and Northern Ireland are still shut. The Scottish Government expects to give the green light for sales to begin again on June 18. England’s property market reopened on May 13 and has been adjusting fast to complex new guidance.

The process of buying, selling, renting and investing in property is now radically different. But the biggest shift for the market is likely still ahead, when it will have to grapple with the coming recession and the ends of both the Government’s furlough scheme and the mortgage holidays that are currently protecting one in seven households. 

How will these changes affect you and your property?

On Wednesday 10 June at 6.30pm, The Telegraph’s property editor Isabelle Fraser and property correspondent Melissa Lawford will be co-hosting a live Meet The Expert video chat exclusively for subscribers, to help bring you some clarity.

If you want to ask about the future of house prices and the buy-to-let market, when you should sell, or how to move house within social distancing guidelines, Isabelle and Melissa will be on hand to answer your questions.

When is it?

6.30pm to 7.15pm on Wednesday 10 June.

How do I join?

The evening is free to all subscribers. Simply go here to reserve a seat. You will receive an email from us before as a reminder. Hit the ‘Join’ button in the email when it arrives.

How do I submit a question for Isabelle and Melissa?

If you have a question, fill out this form with your question. Our experts will try to cover all common themes but, depending on timings, may not be able to get round to answering every single question in detail.

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