Does Satellite Radio Advertising Work?

Linda J. Dodson

You are a business owner or person in charge of getting the word out about a product or service. The landscape on which you can paint your message is vast with many hills, bridges and pitfalls. It is the pitfalls you are looking out for.

Chances are you want to know if the medium of satellite radio advertising is an effective choice for your business. Lets take a look at what the medium offers and see if what you are advertising would be a good fit for it.

Satellite radio is a unique medium. It reaches millions of people each and every week, has hundreds of stations divided amongst countless topics, and is a “subscription” based service, which makes many of its subscribers financially pre-qualified to buy what you are selling.

If your product or service can go out to any place in the country, then this can be a great medium for you. If your business is trying to bring people into a single store front location, this may not be a great means to promote your message, as the radio commercials on satellite radio reach the entire nation. There is no way to “segment” where your commercial airs. Its all or nothing.

That being said, it is one of the most affordable ways to advertise on a national level, with commercials on some of the stations starting at around $50 each time they air. While satellite radio advertising will not reach the amount of viewers of say a prime time show on a major TV network. It still reaches millions of people each week, which is nothing to put your note up at.

Another way that satellite radio advertising can be effective, is placing your commercial on its highly targeted programming.

Have a product for pets? There are shows for that.

Want to reach cigar lovers? There are shows for that.

Looking to reach new moms? There are shows for that.

Want to communicate with CEOs? There are shows for that too.

Selling a new “toy” for kids or adults? There are shows for both of those too.

The list goes on and on. Chances are there is a show that is targeted at the specific audience you want to reach. This makes it one of the most affordable and targeted national advertising options around.

Is satellite radio advertising for everyone? No. But for a majority of people that I talk with on a daily basis, there is usually an option on the medium to strongly consider when planning an advertising campaign.

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