Giant Tesla batteries to store green power in Dorset

Linda J. Dodson

The California-based company’s lithium-ion batteries will provide a combined capacity of 15 megawatts (MW) to Dorset and its surrounding areas, storing energy and providing flexibility to the grid.

Experts predict that such large-scale batteries will be essential in the future to manage power demand as fossil fuels are phased out.

Having built a significant battery business in recent years, Tesla was earlier this year described by industry sources as preparing to enter the British market with its technology.

In Australia, the company designed the largest lithium-ion power storage facility in the world, capable of storing enough energy to run 30,000 homes.

Peter Kavanagh, boss of Harmony Energy, said: “Utility-scale battery energy storage is critical to the future of the UK’s energy supply, often seen as the missing link in the UK’s renewable energy strategy, both in terms of controlling grid frequency and providing backup during periods of peak demand and supply.”

Harmony hopes to build several more battery energy storage plants in the UK over the next few years, and is ready to start work on 500MW of capacity across a number of projects. The biggest of these sites is 99MW.

“We’re delighted to have worked closely with FRV and Tesla to complete this project, which is the first in our pipeline of battery energy storage plant to be built in the UK.”

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