Have You Started Thinking About Retirement?

October 24, 2022

Retirement is a big decision that takes scheduling and reflection. Ideally, you want to make the changeover in a way that leaves you feeling happy and engaged, not lonely, shed, or bored. So, let’s discuss about the seeds that really should be sown right before your final day in the workforce.

Two women who pretty not too long ago retired recount their determination-creating course of action, explain how the changeover has been so considerably, and share classes from their own experiences. We then listen to from Ann Bundy, who’s an expert on retirement, acquiring created a realistic guide on the topic and having not long ago retired herself. She gives simple advice on how to feel about and get ready for this transition no subject where you are in your vocation.


Ann Bundy is the coauthor of Encore: Dwelling Your Life’s Legacy, a new retiree, and a former government coach.


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