Hooked on Self Publishing

Linda J. Dodson

Do you want to self-publish a book? Have you ever self-published a book? Do you know the truth behind the self-publishing industry?

When you are a new author starting out and you self-publish your book you must be prepared for several things.

The first thing is everybody has their hands out for a free copy of your book. Yes it is nice to give copies to some special people but if you are on a limited budget, Yikes!

When it comes to marketing your book everybody wants a copy of your book free before they will even consider it for sale in their shops. Your publisher must consider this when they sell you, your books. The cost of the books to the author is less but the cost is still high when you place an order.

When it comes to self-publishing the publisher is always the person that comes out on top financially. The author, the person who wrote the book profits, is the person who gets the short end of the stick.

The money made by sales online is very frugal. The only way you can really make any money is to sell your book to the person yourself. Public speaking is very important.

I am not saying do not self-publish. If you have enough faith in yourself as an author, and you are willing to put your money into this bottomless pot, go for it.

Once you are hooked on self-publishing you are hooked. It is like being hooked on alcohol or drugs. It costs money, money, and more money.

You will always need to pay for your books; you will always have to pay for the publishing of a new book. With each new book you publish don’t forget eventually you will have to order new books.

This becomes an endless circle. When you are a self-published author and you have a following your self-esteem will explode. You will feel special. There is nothing like it. But be aware of this. You will become hooked.

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