How social conversations are changing due to COVID-19

Linda J. Dodson

As our lives continue to change in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, we are actively monitoring consumer trends, sentiment and social conversations using our PrescriptiveIQ™ platform. In this time of uncertainty, we are here to help brands and retailers adapt to changing consumer needs to create better, stronger, long-lasting relationships. 

Consumers Are Limiting Shopping Trips and Flocking to Online Resources

Many retail locations are temporarily closed and shopping trips are limited to essential businesses, as a result, consumers aren’t spending as much time in stores. In a recent survey, 49% of consumers reported they are now making quick “in and out” trips to stores. However, consumers still need grocery items and household staples, leading to a +4,489% increase in social conversations around available grocery pickup and delivery options. 


Meet consumers’ need for alternative shopping options by educating them on how your brand is offering services like grocery delivery or pickup, curbside pickup, or online shipping. 

It’s The Season Of Binge Watching and Gaming

Social conversations around streaming apps are up 60% and gaming conversations are up 44% as consumers are looking for entertainment options and spending more time indoors. Outside of the entertainment factor, streaming content also offers consumers a way to connect with others on a common subject. Services like “Netflix Party” offer friends a way to connect virtually and watch shows together, and in one weekend alone, live-streaming on Twitch jumped 10%.


Ensure your brand is included in the conversations by showing how your products help make consumer’s lives more entertaining and enjoyable. 

Suddenly Everyone Has A Green Thumb

We might not be having garden parties right now, but that doesn’t mean shoppers aren’t looking to spruce up their yards and outdoor spaces. Social conversations around lawn & garden are up 74% as consumers are looking to spend more time outdoors (which still social distancing). Many home improvement stores are practicing safe shopping behaviors by offering free product delivery and curbside pickup, providing even more reason to put on some garden gloves this spring.


Join in on the conversation by helping customers find the right products for their lawn, the right plants for their home, or offering simple how-to tips. 

Consumers have adapted quickly to the impact of COVID-19 on their normal day-to-day activities, and many of those changes will likely stick around long after this pandemic is behind us. The innovation we’ve seen in just the past few weeks usually takes companies a few years to figure out, and that impact will be felt long-term as brands and retailers continue to evolve to be more mobile and technologically advanced to meet the needs of our new virtually connected world. 

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