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YouTube And Google Page One particular Online video Rank Action By Action!

Though it is feasible to rank a video on YouTube and Google webpage one, posture a person tremendous-rapidly. But there are guidelines, suggestions, and a lot more importantly, resources. There are 3 (free) browser extensions you will need to install together with some other proposed Search engine optimization must-have resources.

This will simplify how to rank on YouTube and Google page one particular Placement a single. But you will also need a totally free style and design program instrument to build higher-definition YouTube online video thumbnails (And Even Hd Films). As a result, you will need 4 cost-free resources to rank your YouTube video clips in YouTube lookup success.

But I am also which includes one more video producing and editing software package, however, this a single is not a absolutely free software. So, you have 2 possibilities for video-building applications. But this all kinds portion of how to rank on YouTube and Google page one particular Placement a person.

A person, if you’re on a tight price range (Canva). And the other is for people who have a bit to spend (Earnings Movie). The decision is totally yours, but all the totally free resources offer you an update selection too.

However, with Tube Buddy, VidIQ, Keywords Everywhere, and Canva you do not need to have to shell out anything at all. You are additional than welcome to use the cost-free variations to get you commenced, and then move on to the update later when you’re prepared. Admittedly, the compensated selections do offer a whole lot far more tools to simplify how to rank on YouTube and Google web page a person Posture one.

6 Instruments Of Paramount Significance!

With that, we have the equipment you will need to have to cover. But there is a good deal more about how to rank a movie on YouTube in YouTube search benefits. Consequently, let us start off at the commencing, with your channel and channel graphics. About, keyword phrases, history graphic, emblem, and so on.

These are incredibly critical mainly because folks are a good deal a lot less very likely to even detect your channel with no images, logos, or pics of you. It will be just a further faceless YouTube channel, only floating close to. Positioning exclamation of the importance of how to rank on YouTube and Google web page one Posture a person.

But this guide, which I believe is going to border an E book, is somewhat considerably for a longer period than your typical write-up. Due to the fact even though position a video on YouTube is super straightforward, it is however a good deal of actions to full and fully grasp how the Website positioning system operates and how to rank on YouTube and Google site one particular Posture just one.

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Complete A Channel to rank on YouTube and Google Page One.

There are 5 areas to focus on with regard to your channel. The Home page, Video page, Playlist page, Channels page, and About page. Going to “Customize Channel”, you have Layout, Branding, and Basic Info. This is how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one.

With basic info, you can add multiple URLs that will display in the bottom right-hand corner of your cover image. However, the maximum that can be displayed is 5, which you choose in the settings.

As seen in the image below, the subscribe option is there, with my blog, Medium, Facebook, and Quora. This is NOT to be used for a sales page. DO NOT put affiliate links in here. That is what your video description is for. Indeed a lot to take in on how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one.

To Add the subscribe option to your URLs added to the “basic info” section. Use your Channel URL, but with no forward slash or space, you add the following code to your channel URL at the end (?sub_confirmation=1).

The Subscribe Button and Topic Importance.

Now when someone clicks the subscribe button, the window to confirm opens immediately before they can continue browsing your channel. Your channel’s entire message must be laser targeted to your channel topic. In this case, motivation and inspiration. Targeting is of paramount importance with how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one. Now, what better message can go with that than the king of the jungle? Or that’s what I thought at least.

How To Rank On YouTube And Google Page One Fast

But we’re not going to get into all of that, YouTube is flooded with videos that can show you how to design a YouTube channel. I suggest you watch video guides on how to complete all the steps I am covering in this article.

Under “Layout” you can select to include a video (channel trailer) for people who have not subscribed yet. And another for returning and existing subscribers.

As you can see in the illustration above, the video will then play when someone visits your channel. As presentation is everything, along with recognition. I suggest you use a picture of yourself somewhere in the design. The point is to get people to know you, regardless of where they find any profile of you. Personally, I use the exact same profile for every platform I touch on the internet. Kind of like a shortcut to building recognition.

YouTube Basics to Rank on YouTube and Google Page One.

YouTube video SEO is quite similar to blogging SEO with a few minor differences. But before you can decide on anything, you first need to use Google Trends to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one. Find out what topics are trending, and then do your search phrase volume research on YouTube.

How To Rank On YouTube And Google Page One with Google Trends

As you can see above, I have used the search term “passive online income”, and this topic is on the rise in the United States. But it is also highly competitive so you will need a lot of knowledge on the subject to stand out. Value is one of the keys to how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one.

It is however important that you select the country in Google Trends, but that will depend on your specific target audience. This too is of great importance, because it ensures affordability with whatever affiliate product you have in the video description.

SEO Starts At One Place Only, Targeting!

Any proper SEO starts with the target keywords and search phrases you want to target. With YouTube video SEO however, you want to focus more on the long tail keywords. Making it simpler with how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one.

AKA – Search phrases containing 2 – 6 words. “how to rank youtube videos”, instead of just “youtube”, “videos” or “how to”. This makes your audience even more targeted, and likely more interested in your video.

Video Details, Descriptions, Tags and Keywords.

In my opinion, your YouTube video title is the most important in how to rank a YouTube video in YouTube search results. You also want to place your target search phrase as close to the beginning of the title as possible. Preferably, start the title with your target search phrase.

For the purpose of this demonstration, I will use a video title I used to rank for the search phrases as illustrated below. Title “Backlink Building Software Next Gen Advanced Auto AI Tool!

It is advised that you use only 60 characters (also counting spaces) for your video title. But YouTube provides 100 characters. In some cases, I use the full 100 characters, and other times the preferred 60. Both ways, my videos seem to be ranking fine. Therefore these tips are proven to help with how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one.

Although the analytic tools, Tube Buddy and VidIQ will advise the title is too long when you exceed 60 characters. I don’t think you have to concern too much about that. Just don’t exceed 100 characters.

Leveraging the Video Description For Better Ranking.

The video description on how to rank a video on YouTube in YouTube search results allows you 5000 characters. Try to come as close to that if you can, but nothing less than 2500 characters. See how value plays its role in how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one?

Populate the video description with your video tags, which we will cover in a bit. Tags are also the keywords and search phrases you want to rank for. If at all possible, try to create videos that mention these target keywords and search phrases you aim at targeting. This helps with the video subtitles and makes a huge difference in your YouTube video ranking capability. Choosing your video tags should be variants from the search phrase chosen for your YouTube video title.

How To Rank On YouTube And Google Page One Statistics

The above illustration demonstrates the suggested YouTube video tags, related to the video title. This is done by simply shuffling the search phrases you used for your video title. Much like you would do with blogging and how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one!

Proof Of Actual Ranking On YouTube.

As you can see, for these specific search phrases, this particular video is ranking in positions 1 – 3 for ALL of them. Your YouTube video title and tags must correspond with how to rank a video on YouTube and show it in YouTube search results. This is how Tube Buddy and VidIQ help you to see where your video is ranking.

But they will also provide you with suggested search phrases. You can choose to use the suggested target keywords and search phrases or choose to use your own. Depending of course, on which ranks higher.

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As with video tags on how to rank a video on YouTube and show it in search results. A paramount part of how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one! The same goes for hashtags, where in this particular case. I used hashtags.

#linkbuilding #software #airobots #ai #artificialintelligence #seo #seolinkbuilding #backlinks #backlinkbuilding But, when you want your (first three) hashtags to display beneath your video, then you must not set a video location in the settings. If you do, then the video location will show, and not the hashtags.

Video Graphics To Rank on YouTube and Google Page One.

Your video thumbnail is also the first impression in the YouTube feed. This is why it must indicate what the video is about, with a certain amount of curiosity added. This is not the thumbnail I used as with the tag’s demonstration. Below we have “YouTube videos with Instagram and TikTok”. Now, what exactly have YouTube videos to do with Instagram and TikTok? And that is your curiosity right there. Along with a prompt to “Watch Now” of course! Indirectly also forming part of UX (User Experience) with how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one!

How To Rank On YouTube And Google Page One

And while you’re at it, you may as just subscribe and hit the bell notification. All are built into your video thumbnail, so you don’t have to continuously have to remind your viewer to subscribe to your video.

Personally, I find that a little annoying. But I cannot say that I have not used that strategy. I did, which is why I decided to shift that art to the video thumbnail.

Image Format Also Plays A Rather Crucial Role.

Lastly, always download and upload your YouTube video thumbnail as a PNG image file. It makes for higher quality and resolution. But you also want to focus the text on the centre of the thumbnail. Presentation is very important with how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one!

Because on many platforms, and all mobile devices, your image is cropped from the side. So, when your thumbnail message lies to the side, it may not display in most feeds.

When you upload your video be sure to add an end screen, and video cards. YouTube will provide you with end-screen options. Usually, a video and a subscribe option.

You can choose a video that’s “best for your audience”, or you can “choose one of your own videos”. The latter of which I highly recommend for increasing views on your videos. Video cards can be a variation between your videos and channel playlists, the choice is yours. But you must include an end screen and video cards, it forms part of the SEO.

YouTube Settings to Rank on YouTube and Google Page One.

Bringing us to video settings. Always be sure that the language is set for both “video language” and “title and description language”. This is important to better understand your content, target keywords, hashtags, and search phrases.

You also have video license settings. We have a Standard YouTube License, and a Creative Commons Attribution License. Using the standard YouTube license setting means other people cannot copy and reuse your content. There are so many tiny parts on how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one!

Selecting the “creative commons attribution” license, means you give people permission to copy your video and upload it to their channels. This works well when you added some form of promotional content in the video for your channel. Like an end screen with your blog URL for instance. Now other people will use your videos, and this will naturally result in more exposure to your site. But this is not a place to include an affiliate link. Preferably a hosted blog or professional profile (Medium, Quora, Patreon, etc.)

How To Rank On YouTube And Google Page One

These are very basic settings but play a crucial part in the bigger picture of how to rank a video on YouTube and show it in YouTube search results.

Getting Traffic And Views On Your YouTube Videos.

I was afraid this article would border an eBook, but there are so many little settings and tricks to cover. I am going to have to try and cut this a little shorter, so please bear with me. As I try to simplify how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one!

Getting views on your YouTube videos to rank on YouTube also forms part of the larger picture. Because to rank, your video is one thing, to maintain the ranking position is quite another. You need a response!

To the best of my understanding, the algorithm gives preference to more active videos. Views, likes, shares, and comments all form part of boosting your video ranking capability. But more importantly, to maintain the ranking position.

Luckily, YouTube already prove you with all the tools you need to “get your video out there”. Once you have uploaded your video, you will be able to share it on all major social platforms. Use the tools and share your video.

Use The Tools Right In Front Of You!

Share to Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Use your videos in articles, like on Medium for instance. Spread the word far and wide. And remember that your YouTube video thumbnail will be the first thing anyone sees. I have created a new channel for the purpose of this demonstration on how to rank a YouTube video in YouTube search results. Just to show you how the simple sharing strategy works.

How To Rank On YouTube And Google Page One

But you can also see the decline again, that is because I only did a quick test run so I can have an analytic illustration to demonstrate the power of simple sharing. The decline happened when I stopped sharing.

Because you do not just share your uploaded video once. You share it constantly at the time you get the most response. But moderation is advised. Sharing your videos once or twice per week is quite enough.

Video ranking has no final destination, it will always be an ongoing activity. Sometimes your video will drop in rank for a specific search phrase. You then have to change the tags, so your video ranks again.

This is why the tools mentioned at the beginning of this article are so important. Because you simply must be able to track your video ranking in order to dominate YouTube search results.

How To Rank On YouTube And Google Page One To Drive Traffic!

There are also other strategies, like including one of your video sharable URLs in some platform bios, or “about me” pages. Like with Quora for instance. When you include the link to your video within the first few lines of your Quora “About” section, then the thumbnail will display automatically.

Your viewers can then also choose to watch your video right there on Quora, or they can go to your YouTube channel. Kind of like a double whammy! And a great strategy on how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one. Then we have the list of upcoming videos at the end of your video in Quora. When your videos are ranking, they are bound to show up as the “next videos” on the end screen displayed when your video finishes on Quora.

How To Rank On YouTube And Google Page One

Bringing us to the end of the strategy on how to rank a YouTube video on YouTube and show up in YouTube search results. I hope I didn’t leave anything out, but I did try to cover all the basics.

You may however have to watch a few videos on YouTube to be able to execute the steps covered here. But this is how to rank a video on YouTube and show up in YouTube search results.

A Word Of Advice.

Or shall we say, that is how I do it anyway and it works for me? It is quite a lot to take in, so take your time and don’t rush. YouTube is an excellent way to generate affiliate sales and commissions. First, you have to rank your video. Follow these steps and in no time, you will know how to rank on YouTube and Google page one Position one.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: To maintain transparency, bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. In all honesty, I link these companies and their products because of their quality. Not only because of the commission I receive from your purchases. But also because I find these valuable and proven tools. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. All offers come with a full money-back guarantee.

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