How to Use Video for Customer Support

September 29, 2022·10 min read

From support tickets to knowledge bases to customer onboarding, customer service videos help make the resolution process faster, simpler, and more cost-efficient.

A few years ago, I had a full load of laundry to do, but my washing machine wouldn’t start. Faced with the prospect of an expensive professional repair (and wearing dirty clothes for the next few days), I took things into my own hands.

I found a helpful customer support video on YouTube diagnosing the problem. Following the video’s instructions, I was able to fix the machine’s faulty door sensor for the low cost of a single cable tie.

Stories like these are the new normal of customer support. Customers want quick and timely resolution to their issues—preferably in an easy-to-digest format. Most people have quit a brand because of poor customer service experiences. In order to keep your customers, you need to provide an amazing level of support.

Video for customer support is the perfect way to deliver quicker and more effective solutions to customer woes. It speeds up the resolution process. Customers are happier with their support experience. It even boosts customer retention by helping them get more out of your product or service.

In this guide, we’ll scope out the benefits of customer support videos, then dive into ways you can weave video into every part of your support framework.

  1. Contents
  2. 1. The Benefits of Customer Support Videos
  3. 1.1 What Video Customer Service Can Do for You
  4. 2. The Stats on How Teams Use Customer Service Videos
  5. 3. 6 Ways to Put Video to Work for Your Customer Support
  6. 3.1 #1: Build a Video Knowledge Base
  7. 3.1.1 Common Use Cases for Video in Your Knowledge Base
  8. 3.1.2 How a Video Knowledge Base Boosts Your Video SEO
  9. 3.2 #2: Resolve Support Tickets with Video
  10. 3.2.1 Asynchronous Video Support
  11. 3.2.2 Live Video Support
  12. 3.2.3 Getting Ahead with Video Customer Service
  13. 3.3 #3: Send Thank You Videos
  14. 3.4 #4: Create Customer Onboarding Videos
  15. 3.5 #5: Optimize Support with CRM Integration and Video Analytics
  16. 3.5.1 Support CRM Integration
  17. 3.5.2 Video Analytics
  18. 3.6 #6: Train Your Customer Service Team with Video
  19. 3.6.1 Customer Service Training Videos
  20. 3.6.2 Onboarding Remote Customer Support Hires with Video
  21. 3.7 How to Overcome the Five Barriers That Keep Customer Support Teams from Leveraging Video
  22. 3.7.1 #1: Producing Professional-Quality Video That Represents the Brand Well
  23. 3.7.2 #2: Allocating Staff Time and Resources for Video Production
  24. 3.7.3 #3: Producing Customer Service Videos That Engage
  25. 3.7.4 #4: Having Video Production Expertise
  26. 3.7.5 #5: Funding Customer Service Video Production

The Benefits of Customer Support Videos

Marketers and sales professionals have long known how great video is for explaining things. It’s time for customer support to embrace it, too.

Video explains huge quantities of information in very little time. Say you need to learn how to tie a bow tie. It could take hundreds of words to explain the process, and the written descriptions of each step might not be clear to the reader. Or you could watch a 10-second GIF, tie that tie like a pro, and arrive at your event on time.

GIF showing how to tie a bow tie

“How-to” is one of the top four categories on YouTube. It’s often the first place people go to get answers to all kinds of questions, from tying bow ties to learning how to use a product.

People would rather watch a video to solve a problem with a product or service instead of getting in touch with the business’s support team. And when 42% of consumers are willing to pay as much as 16% more for a product with a friendly, welcoming experience, it’s in your best interest to make your support workflow shine.

And it works! Here at Vidyard, 80% of our customers watch our videos to learn how to use our platform or solve an issue they’re experiencing.

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