Industrial Cleaners: Sweepers and Scrubbers

Linda J. Dodson

When looking for parking lot sweepers, street sweepers and industrial sweepers, you should keep in mind a few important characteristics to look for in the sweeper. First, you will want a parking lot, street, or industrial sweeper that can handle the high amount of debris accumulation that can gather in all of these areas. When considering a parking lot sweeper or street sweeper, you will also want the sweeper to be able to travel rather quickly given potential traffic problems that can occur in a parking lot or street. The width of the sweep path for parking lot, street, and industrial sweepers should also be another consideration given the particular area you are planning on using the sweeper for. In addition, you may also want to consider the clearance height of the sweeper and its maneuverability. Making sure you use a sweeper in parking lots, streets, and industrial areas will help reduce outside pollution and keep the general ground appearance inside and outside cleanly and appealing.

When looking for floor and carpet scrubbers you will want to consider the type of flooring or carpeting that you will be using the scrubber on. In addition, you will want to consider many of the same characteristics that you consider with buying a sweeper. Again, these considerations are the width of the scrubber, maneuverability, and clearance height.

Three well-known manufacturers of high-quality sweepers and scrubbers include Powerboss, Nilfisk Advance, and the Tennant Company. Powerboss, Nilfisk Advance, and the Tennant Company all manufacture ride-on and walk-behind parking lot sweepers, street sweepers, and industrial sweepers, as well as floor scrubbers and carpet scrubbers. Each of these companies produce sweepers and scrubbers that have many different capabilities and strengths.

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