Miller spars with Bud Light over low calorie counts

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Dive Brief:

  • Miller64, a light beer produced by Molson Coors, takes aim at Bud Light Next, a light beer from Anheuser-Busch InBev, with a new mathematical based campaign, the brand shared with Marketing Dive.
  • Miller64, which contains 64 calories, is offering the chance to win free beer to any consumer 21 years or older who can correctly guess the smaller number: 64 or 80. The stunt is intended to establish Miller64 as the superior light beer over the recently introduced Bud Light Next which contains 80 calories.
  • As the light beer market becomes increasingly crowded, Miller64 is attempting to stand out with a math-based message that uses a real-life mathematician to call attention to the brand’s low calorie count.

Dive Insight:

The light beer market has ballooned as alcohol brands make a play for health-conscious millennials. To meet this competition, brands have taken to comparing calories and carb counts to establish themselves as the better beer. For its attempt, Miller64 is looking to raise brand awareness with a cheeky, numbers-based campaign.

The stunt, which launched the same day Bud Light Next hit shelves, is offering the chance to win free beer to adults who can correctly identify the smaller number, 64 or 80. A website was created for the campaign that prompts users to pick the smaller number. If correct, the user can enter to win a $7.50 prepaid card that can be redeemed for a six-pack of Miller64.

The intentionally simple question could help grab consumers’ attention. The campaign’s timing before the Super Bowl — typically a big beer drinking day — combined with the chance to get a free pack of Miller64 may be the push some need to try the beer.

Miller64 partnered with mathematician Ken Ono, the current Thomas Jefferson Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics chair at the University of Virginia, for the campaign video, which was produced by Mischief @ No Fixed Address. During the spot, interviewers ask Ono which number is smaller, 64 or 80. Ono answers 64, seemingly miffed that he had been asked such a simple question. The campaign was inspired by market research conducted by Miller64 that alleges 7% of Americans answered incorrectly when asked if 80 or 64 is the larger number.

Unlike Bud Light Next, Miller64 does not have the benefit of being able to advertise during the Super Bowl due to Anheuser-Busch’s exclusivity deal. For the big game, Bud Light Next unveiled Bud Light N3XT, a flashy NFT campaign to support the launch of the new brew. Miller64 is attempting to out-hype its competitor with free beer, and a reminder of the 16 calories they’re saving by choosing Miller64 over Bud Light Next.

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