Miller Tig Welders – Wireless Foot Pedal Amperage Control

Linda J. Dodson

Miller Tig Welders wireless foot pedal will be welcomed by race car builders, 4130 chromoly airplane builders, tuna tower welders, and other tig welders who have to climb and crawl all over a large welding project.

Years ago, I welded a 4130 chromoly tubing aircraft kit fuselage as a favor for a friend. I used a Miller Tig welder ( a miller Syncrowave 250), a small # wp 20 water-cooled torch, and a corded foot pedal.

What a pain it was dragging that cord through the boom lacing of that chromoly fuselage?

A cordless foot pedal would have really come in handy.

From what I have heard, the Miller Tig Wireless foot pedal is going to be kind of pricey. It will not be for every garage welder just wanting the latest cool toy.

It will however, be a welcome tool for certain welding shops who are interested in the safety feature of not having another cord to trip over.

A lot of us have learned that if you work for a large company and can use safety as legitimate reason to buy something, it’s a slam dunk.

Anyway, here is the lowdown on the Miller Tig Wireless pedal:

  • has a battery pack that holds 3 AA batteries so you can buy them at any store at 2am if you need to
  • feet that slide easily across the floor…but not too easily
  • a receiver unit that plugs right into the canon plug where the old corded pedal went
  • truly plug and play

A wireless foot pedal might not be on your shopping list, but you have to admit…

It ranks way high on the “Cool Meter.”

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