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In such a situation, holiday companies would be obliged to provide assistance and information to travellers, which may involve arranging and paying for new flights to bring them home. 

The good news is that travel insurance would be far more likely to pay out in a situation like this, so if this does happen to you, contact your insurer and provide all the evidence you have. 

You’re booking a holiday now

Since the start of May millions of pounds have been spent on holidays that may not take place, as it is still unclear when both domestic and international tourism will be able to resume.

Many customers have been hooked in by the huge discounts currently being offered by travel providers. 

But tens of thousands of customers are still waiting to get their money back for holidays already cancelled, meaning that those booking now may find themselves at the back of a very long queue for refunds.

If you do book an overseas or domestic holiday, make sure you know what your insurance covers you for and what the terms of any refunds are if official advice stops you from travelling.

Those booking British getaways may not be covered by their insurer if the trip has to be cancelled as most standard policies do not include domestic travel. 

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