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The nearer we look at what other people imagine and do, the extra distinct it is that our view of the environment doesn’t specifically match theirs.

It in no way has, but now it’s magnified. The items we imagined were being a given, aren’t. No one believes what I believe that, not exactly.

How is it attainable, we speculate, that people today like us never consider what we consider or do what we do? Not just individuals we really don’t know, but the persons we do know.

And how do we dig in to defeat magnified divisions to locate shared goals, to battle for justice and dignity and what is right at the exact same time we join with people we may well be inclined to drive away…

Only asking the problem aids us locate a way ahead. Recognizing that people don’t know what we know, do not believe what we feel. And most of all, that they have a sounds in their head, just as we do.

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