Role of Human Resources in Careers

Linda J. Dodson

Large businesses cannot function properly without a human resources department. Role of human resources professional ranges from recruitment of deserving candidates to employee performance management. They are responsible for selecting the qualified candidate that can prove to be an asset to the organization. HR professionals also keep an eye on the skill level of employees and manage skill training workshops for them. Employee performance analysis is done quarterly or yearly to gauge employees’ skills and resultant performance. This process is very useful to find the talented employees in an organization.

HR professionals handle all recruitment tasks. Whether the organization is looking to fill a vacant position by promoting an employee or hiring from third party sources, HR department plays a pivotal role in the process. Human Resource department can boost the careers through standard employee placement policies. Every organization has a common minimum expectation from its employees. It is HR department’s responsibility to meet those expectations. Skill development, education and motivation are foremost priority areas of human resource department. HR professional can actually help you to propel your career, by giving you a position that you can handle best.

For maximum output, HR department professionals train the candidates through extensive training programs and skill development workshops. An HR professional can also help you get rid of your weak points. HR professionals do not sound authoritative. HR department professionals co-operate with employees to resolve their payment issues, provide guidance for better healthcare options, discuss performance issues etc. Experienced HR professionals are capable of creating leaders out of common employees.

The organizational hierarchy is created according to the suggestions from human resources department. Your natural career path in a company will depend upon the organizational hierarchy. Human resources department can also promote employees based on the training results, yearly performance and skills acquired.

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