LGBTQ-inclusive marketing opens door to acceptance, P&G and GLAAD find

Dive Brief:

  • Representation of LGBTQ people in media, including TV, film and advertising, plays a significant role in growing acceptance among non-LGBTQ consumers, a new study published by media advocacy group GLAAD in partnership with Procter & Gamble finds. Eighty percent of respondents exposed to LGBTQ-inclusive media said they are more supportive of equal rights compared to those who had not recently consumed such media.
  • Consumers view companies that are inclusive with their advertising more favorably in a general sense. The “LGBTQ Inclusion in Advertising and Media” study reveals that 82% of those surveyed believe marketing efforts to promote LGBTQ
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Traditional Chinese cures battle for acceptance in COVID-19 fight

SHANGHAI — Many Chinese people are using traditional medicines to help fight off the new coronavirus, but the ancient cures still face a test of international acceptance.

While laboratory-developed drugs such as Avigan and remdesivir are touted for their potential to fight the virus itself, traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, has been prescribed in China to relieve mild pneumonia symptoms in COVID-19 patients.

TCM treatments were given to 74,187 patients in China, or 91% of the country’s total confirmed cases, the government said in March, adding that they have prevented mild cases from becoming severe.

“TCM might not be the

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