Suspending the state pension triple lock could kill it altogether, experts warn

However, inflation is expected to remain low at 0pc next year and 2pc for the following four years, while earnings growth is expected to be 0pc next year, followed by a steady growth to 1pc, 2pc and eventually 2.5pc by 2024. 

Under these assumptions, a move to a double lock would save the Government £2.9bn in 2021 alone. The annual savings would increase over time, reflecting the lower state pensions in all of the previous years under the double lock, meaning that by 2025 the Government could be saving £4.7bn a year.

This also reflects the fact that the number

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Ending office life altogether will be a big mistake

Very few companies could afford to replicate this of course – but Bezos has got the right idea. If he succeeds in vaccinating Amazon and its supply chain from the virus, he will take a big leap towards his dual goal: creating a better environment where people want to work – while at the same time smashing the competition.

Other companies are taking similar, albeit more modest steps – including PWC, the audit firm, which is building its own employee contact tracing app. Others are pursuing the same strategy.

Communal workplaces are likely to change in other ways too.


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