US attacks China’s Communist Party as pandemic clash boils over

NEW YORK — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo verbally pummeled China’s leadership as “ideologically and politically hostile” a day after the two countries engaged in a heated exchange of words right up to the end of the World Health Organization’s annual meeting.

“I want to begin today with a few observations on China,” Pompeo said Wednesday, appearing at the State Department press briefing room. “The media’s focus on the current pandemic risks missing the bigger picture of the challenge that’s presented by the Chinese Communist Party,” he said.

Noting that China has been ruled by “a brutal, authoritarian regime,”

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Insurers warn cyber attacks could overwhelm sector

A state-sponsored cyber attack could cause economic damage on a scale equal to Covid-19, overwhelming the insurance industry and requiring the Government to step in to cover the losses, the chairman of Lloyd’s of London has warned. 

Bruce Carnegie-Brown said it would be a good idea for any government-backed programme to address future pandemic risk to include a mechanism to deal with rare but catastrophic events such as a large cyber attack. He said: “The cyber insurance market is relatively new. It’s fast-growing, but it’s quite small. Most businesses, and indeed individuals, are not protected for cyber risk in the

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Sony CEO Yoshida navigates coronavirus and activist attacks

TOKYO — Before the novel coronavirus outbreak began, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida had many reasons to be optimistic. Under his leadership the electronics-to-entertainment conglomerate had regained its momentum, and with it the respect of its shareholders. Yoshida, a quiet and reflective figure, had seen off an attack by the U.S. activist hedge fund Third Point, and was preparing for the launch of the next generation of its iconic PlayStation games console.

As he readies for Sony’s full-year results announcement on May 13, and to make its annual strategy presentation to investors a few days later, the world outside the company’s

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Indonesia in ‘worst’ position as coronavirus attacks ASEAN bloc

JAKARTA — Evawangi, a doctor at a public hospital on the outskirts of Jakarta, grows more worried every day.

Her hospital has seen an increase in suspected coronavirus patients admitted over the past two weeks, but it is quickly running out of protective gear for staff members. Many are donning cheap plastic raincoats to shield themselves from the virus.

“We prioritize the N95 and surgical masks, hazmat suits, face shields for those in the emergency unit and isolation ward,” Evawangi told the Nikkei Asian Review last week. “Our supply is limited; we can only restock it day by day. Now

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