Lawrence Stroll made mistake of thinking Aston Martin had finally hit rock bottom

And yet, this is still isn’t as bad as it gets, not even close. The first-quarter figures only include a week of lockdown so imagine what the following quarter will look like with April, May and June lumped in together?

No wonder Stroll says he’s keeping his financing options open. Having tapped shareholders for a total of £536m last month, there is the very real possibility that further funds will be needed in the coming months.

Stroll chose his moment carefully, swooping when the carmaker had run out of options. Fast forward a few weeks and it looks like spectacularly

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Whether a V or U-shaped recovery, the economy is already off the bottom

Companies are beginning to ease back into action, but big questions remain for hospitality and leisure

Just about every letter of the alphabet has seemingly been used to characterise the range of possible trajectories for our epidemically bombed-out economy. Is it to be a V-shaped contraction and recovery, a U, an L, or even an I, where the economy doesn’t recover at all but continues in freefall?

Without knowing how effective governments have been in taming the virus, the answer can for now be little more than guesswork.

Yet despite the uncharted nature of our self-induced shutdown, there are perhaps

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