Japan workplace bullying rules feared to spur necktied menaces

TOKYO — Regulations to protect workers in Japan from abusive bosses and colleagues took effect Monday to criticism that it only provides a road map to desk-bound bullies.

Large companies now must combat so-called power harassment — which includes such acts as striking an employee with one’s bare hands or an object, according to the labor ministry. But an accidental collision does not count.

Critics say the overprecise cases provided by the ministry will only allow abusive colleagues at the office to evade responsibility by basing their defenses on the counterexamples, eroding the effectiveness of the regulations.

“It was not

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Chinese EV startup accuses Tesla of ‘bullying’ over IP lawsuit

Chinese electric vehicle startup Xpeng Motors accused Tesla Inc. of being a bully, firing the latest legal salvo in the companies’ ongoing battle over alleged intellectual property theft.

Tesla earlier this year asked a U.S. federal judge to grant it access to Xpeng’s company files — including those on the company chairman’s own computer — as part of its yearlong lawsuit against an engineer who departed the U.S. giant in January 2019 and returned to China two months later to work for the Guangzhou-based carmaker.

Tesla alleged Guangzhi Cao did not just take his knowledge and experience with him but

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