Return of business rates will unleash carnage on the high street

Of course it’s right that retailers pay their share towards local services, and no one’s arguing with that. But there is a huge imbalance between what physical retailers pay and the minimal rates paid by the online giants on their warehouses. That might have made sense in 2015 when retail rents were at their peak and warehouses hadn’t become the epicentres of online retail they are today. But it doesn’t make sense any more.

There needs to be a levelling of the playing field between stores and online, which as well as reform of rates should also include a tax

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5 Tips for Recognizing a Meaningful Business Opportunity When You See One

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According to the Small Business Association, roughly 50 percent of businesses survive to reach their fifth year. What is interesting, however, is that the SBA’s analysis found that these survival rates generally remain consistent regardless of the overall state of the economy. In other words, lasting success is largely dependent on choosing the right business opportunity.

While understanding the basics of running a business is certainly important, your ability to recognize meaningful opportunities will play a major role in whether you author a lasting success story.

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Heavy regulation forces ‘final salary’ pensions transfer advocate to close business

Financial advisors offering pension transfers are being chased out of the market by mounting costs and heavy regulation at a time when savers can receive record amounts of cash for ditching “final salary” pension schemes. 

Tideway Investment Group, a financial advice firm, which has been a strong defender of the right to transfer out of “defined benefit” schemes under pension freedom rules, has become the latest to close its transfers advice business.

It had to immediately cease giving advice on transfers and completing pipeline business in relation to transfers as of the beginning of July, according to the Financial Services

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Business must play a pivotal role in driving recovery

It also boosts our economy – the UK’s GDP last year was around £2  trillion, so every £20bn invested in infrastructure is equivalent to adding 1pc growth to our GDP. With a local multiplier of three, the impact could be as much as £60bn.

Many of L&G’s investments are in so-called “midi-projects” worth between £50m and £1bn, rather than mega-projects like Heathrow, HS2 or Crossrail.

But these smaller projects can deliver substantial benefits quickly in terms of jobs and economic growth.

Take, for example, the announcement we made last week on a multimillion-pound joint project with Sky and NBCUniversal to

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