Japanese exports in April crash 21.9% to 10-year low

TOKYO — Japanese exports fell 21.9% in April, marking their biggest dive in over ten years as the new coronavirus weighed on economic activity, especially the auto industry.

Data released by the Ministry of Finance on Thursday revealed that Japan’s exports fell to 5.2 trillion yen ($48 billion) from a year earlier — the biggest decline since the October 2009 Lehman shock.

The decrease followed an 11.7% drop in March.

The auto sector was hit hardest, with car exports cratering over 50% as shipments declined globally, including those to the U.S. and Asia. Exports of auto parts also fell 39.2%.

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Will house prices fall, and what has to happen for a worst case 30pc market crash?

The property market is in unprecedented territory. Newly agreed sales have fallen by 90pc since lockdown, according to the property portal Zoopla. This is a product of the housing market freeze, as sales effectively cannot happen.

As the number of properties sold recently has plunged to such a low level, it is no longer possible to measure house prices, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). As a result, it has suspended its house price index. 

This means that April’s data, which are published in June and reflect agreed sales before the housing market freeze, will be the last 

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Bank of England predicts record crash and soaring unemployment

“While not offering any precise guidance on when asset purchases could be expanded, the minutes note that ‘for all members of this group, the prospective weakness in employment and inflation, and downside risks around aspects of the medium-term outlook, might necessitate further monetary policy action’,” said Kallum Pickering at Berenberg Bank.

“We expect the Bank to announce another £200bn in asset purchases by the August meeting at the latest. Given the current pace of purchases, and the split vote at the May meeting, we may get at least half of that by the June meeting already.”

The Bank’s financial stability

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Recovery from the Covid-19 crash will be unlike any other

Stocks have pared losses recently, but this doesn’t mean markets are on the road to recovery 

When stock markets crash they do so because something big and unexpected has happened.  No two crashes are like each other, that is what makes it so difficult to predict a stock market crash.  

But recoveries from stock market crashes tend to follow a pattern.  Which is handy because getting the recovery right is the only way we are going to rebuild our savings to where they were.  If your savings are positioned right as stock markets recover, you’ll do well.

But first, has

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