Kyoto Animation rebuilds after deadly 2019 arson attack

OSAKA — Kyoto Animation, which saw at least 36 employees killed in a devastating arson attack in July 2019, has been gradually coming back to life.

The Japanese studio, affectionately known as “KyoAni,” has long been a fixture in the anime world and is known internationally for its richly detailed slice-of-life stories.

About 40% of its staffers were killed or injured in the attack, forcing the studio to temporarily suspend its training program and new hires. But the studio resumed activities in autumn last year while continuing production of new films.

An enrollment ceremony for the studio’s training program was

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As Tokyo roads empty, speeding cars turn into deadly menace

TOKYO — Though Tokyo’s streets are virtually empty, fatal car accidents are up.

Both drivers and pedestrians seem to be flouting traffic rules as road traffic disappeared upon the government’s stay-at-home request, leading to higher instances of serious accidents.

One accident on the evening of April 14 illustrates is a case in point.

A vehicle traveling on an expressway in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward fatally struck a 90-year-old woman at a traffic stop. The driver failed to slow down when the traffic light turned yellow, and the pedestrian apparently started to cross the six-lane expressway before her light turned green. The

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Coronavirus and the national living wage could be a deadly combination for low-paid jobs

Incredibly, while the Government was trying to lower retailers’ costs to keep them in business, it also went ahead in April with a 6pc real terms increase in the national living wage (NLW), to £8.72 per hour. This raised underlying wage bills just as businesses faced forced closures and demand downturns, the duration and longer-term effects of which are unclear.

This hike followed other large increases since this NLW was introduced in 2015. Prior to that the Low Pay Commission (LPC) advised on the minimum wage level, keeping a keen eye on preventing job losses and ensuring firms could afford

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The Emotional Wreckage of a Deadly Boeing Crash

They walked the corridors of Capitol Hill, carrying photographs of the children, spouses and parents they lost. They met with lawmakers and regulators, calling for changes they believed might prevent future deaths. And they mourned — alone and together, an international support group drawn to one another through shared tragedy.

In the year since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, the families of the victims have become a political force, pressuring governments and companies to overhaul aviation safety.

And though they did not accomplish everything they set out to

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