Days of the shovel are long gone. The times demand we adapt, adapt, adapt

Gove extolled the need for the Government to “learn quickly, adjust and respond”. But the best economic mechanism we have for rapid adjustment to changed circumstances is, in fact, a market economy, driven by profit and loss. As lockdowns end we need businesses and workers to reorganise according to their new realities. “The times demand” policies that: make workers cheaper to hire, remove barriers to changing jobs, encourage reskilling or retraining, incentivise private investment or innovation in making existing businesses safe, allow premises to be repurposed, and remove barriers to entrepreneurs finding new ways to serve our wants and needs.

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Demand for new-build homes surges as first-time buyers are cut out of the market by lenders

Lenders fear the forecast falls in house prices will quickly lead highly leveraged buyers into negative equity. Nationwide, for example, has increased the necessary size of a deposit from 5pc to 15pc.

This change disproportionately affects anyone who is trying to get onto the property ladder, and unless first-time buyers have serious cash reserves, they are effectively shut out of the market. 

Under the Help to Buy scheme, which was set up in 2013, buyers can borrow an equity loan from the Government up to an additional 20pc of the property’s value (or up to 40pc in London), meaning they

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Mizuho investors demand transparency on coal exposure

TOKYO — Mizuho Financial Group is about to come up against Japan’s first shareholder call for corporate action on climate change as campaigners take aim at the world’s leading lender to coal power projects.

At the bank’s annual meeting this month Mizuho investors will vote on a resolution submitted by the environmental group Kiko Network that would amend the articles of incorporation to require annual disclosures on “a plan outlining the company’s business strategy, including metrics and targets, to align its investments with the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

That refers to the international compact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Big advertisers demand delay to TV upfronts, broader media buying changes

Dive Brief:

  • Some of the biggest advertisers in the world, including P&G and Unilever, as well as the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), are leveraging their collaborative influence to call for this year’s TV upfronts — the marketplace for negotiating major TV ad deals — to be delayed until a lack of clarity around media buying driven by the COVID-19 pandemic begins to clear, according to a press release shared with Marketing Dive.
  • The delay is part of a broader push by these entities outlined in the press release that calls for significant changes to the legacy ecosystem for purchasing
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