‘I was excluded from coronavirus support and now I have to sell my home’

People excluded from the Government’s coronavirus support schemes are being forced to sell their properties to raise cash in order to survive financially after being left without income for almost five months.

House buying firms have reported a surge in inquiries from people struggling to make ends meet amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Many are looking to free up cash with quick sales – even if it means they get less than the property is worth.

Mortgage holidays are still in place, with almost two million people taking advantage of payment breaks, but others urgently need cash to see them through.

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Chancellor ‘turns his back’ on millions excluded from coronavirus support

The Chancellor has turned his back on millions of struggling workers excluded from coronavirus support schemes, despite his pledge that no one would be left behind, an influential group of MPs has said. 

The Treasury Select Committee, which scrutinises the Chancellor, made a series of recommendations in a recent report aimed at bringing those still suffering financial hardship within the scope of the protection measures. 

More than a million people have been unfairly left without help, the report found, including those moving between jobs who missed the cut-off for furlough, the newly self-employed, directors who pay themselves in dividends and

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