We’re in a recession, so why are home buyers so optimistic and house prices rising?

There’s a quiet, surprising frenzy taking over parts of the property market. Demand is high, supply is low and sellers are in control.

An estate agent reported that a buyer, so frantic to beat the competition, put in an offer 10pc over the asking price on a country house immediately after just one viewing while standing on the property’s front lawn.

Analysis by estate agency Hamptons International found that 30pc of properties sold within the past month were subject to a bidding war from three or more buyers – up five percentage points on last year. This demand is supporting

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Meet the workers fighting back against bosses who spy on them while working from home

Yet despite the rapid adoption of software designed to spy on staff, few people are comfortable with the change. More than 70pc of staff said the trend was likely to erode trust between them and their employers.

That may help explain why now some employees are fighting back against corporate surveillance software with their own tools designed to trick it.

One former Barclays employee has experienced this first hand. When he discovered a heat and motion sensor under his desk in 2016, he went straight to his line manager for an explanation. “He sheepishly told me that they wanted to

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Winter arrives early for hospitality players as Londoners stay at home

Trade body UKHospitality wrote to the Mayor last week, complaining of his “inadequate” measures to revitalise the city’s economy and demanding a clear plan to lead its recovery.

Among the measures suggested by UKHospitality was a freeze on any further changes to the London congestion charge. Khan raised the charge by 30pc to £15 per day in June as part of a £1.6bn government bailout deal for Transport for London. The department was forced to go cap in hand to the Government after suffering a 90pc drop in income.

The increase means workers commuting into London by car Monday to

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Britain’s biggest businesses will work from home until 2021

Vodafone said that those employees who can work remotely “will continue to do so until the end of 2020” and BP said that the “overwhelming majority” will stay out of the office for the foreseeable future.

British American Tobacco said that workers have “managed the transition to working from home brilliantly and while we would all love a return to normality, until it is absolutely safe to do, we will be encouraging them to continue as they are”.

Rio Tinto has not asked any of its staff to return to its London headquarters, which remain closed, and Royal Bank of

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