Hong Kong activists fear first ban on Tiananmen vigil won’t be last

HONG KONG — Jeremy Wong was 16 when he first attended the annual vigil in Hong Kong that marks the anniversary of China’s crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989.

Wong, now 36, has joined tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park every year since, honoring the lives lost with candlelight and seeking accountability for the deadly crackdown. He participated over the years despite occasional heavy rain and thunderstorms.

But this year, a police ban on the vigil will hold him back.

For the first time in three decades, Hong Kong authorities

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China to hold forums for Hong Kong security bill on mainland only

HONG KONG — China will host open forums to solicit views on the pending national security laws covering Hong Kong , but they will be held on the mainland, the territory’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, told reporters on Wednesday.

She spoke in Beijing after a three-hour meeting with Chinese officials including Vice Premier Han Zheng, Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi and Xia Baolong, the government’s point man on Hong Kong affairs.

Vice Premier Han stressed the central government’s “firm determination” in proceeding with the new law, state media reported.

Beijing looks to begin deliberations of the law in mid-June at

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HSBC backs China’s national security law for Hong Kong

The leader of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests, Joshua Wong, has called on the UK Government to “take vigorous action” to protect the former British colony from a controversial security law following Peter Wong’s move.  

“HSBC’s case provides a vivid example demonstrating how China will use the national security law as new leverage for more political influence over the foreign business community in this international financial city,” he said.

“Business circles, banks, lawyers and scholars fear the law will introduce censorship to Hong Kong.”

Mr Wong, who has twice been jailed for his role in the campaign, called on the UK

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China to skip Hong Kong forums, limiting local input on security bill

HONG KONG — All open forums to solicit views on China’s pending national security laws covering Hong Kong will be held on the mainland, the territory’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, said in Beijing on Wednesday.

The National People’s Congress bypassed Hong Kong’s deadlocked legislature in late May to enact its own framework for punishing acts of “separatism, subversion, terrorism and foreign interference” in the city. The sudden move by China’s parliament alarmed Hong Kong residents and Western governments, who fear the planned new laws imperil civil liberties.

The Hong Kong Bar Association, which represents lawyers in the city, earlier on

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