Nine Japanese auto companies to unite on FTA benefit procedures

TOKYO — Toyota Motor, Honda Motor, Denso and six other Japanese automotive companies will cooperate in applying for reduced tariffs under free trade agreements Japan has signed with other countries and territories, Nikkei has learned.

Exports to economies which have free trade or economic partnership agreements with Japan are qualified for reduced tariffs under specific conditions, but the research required to apply can take as long as 11 months, thus delaying the start of the benefits and costing companies money.

By introducing a unified application system, the auto and parts makers are aiming to shorten the process to about seven

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Storied Japanese apparel maker Renown on brink of losing its name

HONG KONG/TOKYO — Renown, a century-old Japanese apparel maker that went bankrupt last month, is on the brink of full liquidation, as it struggles to find a new sponsor and could end up being split up into pieces by brands and subsidiaries.

Its former owner, Shandong Ruyi Technology Group, which held over 50% of shares in Renown at the time of the bankruptcy filing, is in dire financial straits as well. Its second-largest shareholder that was once regarded as its white knight recently pulled out, while the handling of its interest payment on its debt, which was due on Monday,

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From Netflix shows to Nintendo: the resurgence of Japanese cool

TOKYO — Four years ago, Will Ospreay was toiling in the relative backwaters of the U.K. wrestling scene, performing in a red-and-black lucha mask as Dark Britannico — the evil twin of Leon Britannico, “the lion of British wrestling.” His stablemates at the London School of Lucha Libre (tagline: “10,000 volts of sexy mayhem”) were Santeria, the voodoo witch doctor, and Metallico, half man and half machine. “I think people were baffled by these four Essex boys in masks,” Ospreay, 27, said.

Ospreay, who trained as a dancer, specializes in aerial displays, throwing himself from corner poles and ropes, twisting

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Japanese business travel to Vietnam to resume with trial flight

TOKYO — The Japanese government plans to relaunch business travel links with Vietnam on a trial basis by the end of June, Nikkei has learned.

The project will begin with a chartered flight for up to 250 business travelers. To curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, all passengers will undergo polymerase chain reaction testing before departure.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam in late March suspended entry for all foreign nationals. The Japanese government expects Vietnam to accept travelers from Japan who undergo PCR testing before departure. Japan will work on raising its PCR testing capacity.


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