Johnson told to build ‘air bridges’ to fuel recovery

Business leaders have written to Boris Johnson to demand the urgent creation of “air bridges” to low-risk countries to quash fears that Britain’s controversial quarantine “risks major damage to the arteries of UK trade”.

A letter sent to No 10, seen by The Sunday Telegraph, warns the Prime Minister that a failure to act will “push the UK to the back of the queue as states begin conversations for opening up their borders” as the coronavirus pandemic eases.

The direct intervention comes against the background of a Cabinet split on air bridges, which are bilateral agreements to link countries that

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The exorbitant cost of tackling coronavirus presents Johnson and Sunak with brutal choices

Boris Johnson may live to regret the words he uttered just a fortnight ago. He was asked whether the exorbitant cost of tackling coronavirus would herald a depressing new phase of belt-tightening austerity.

The Prime Minister was adamant, saying: “I’ve never particularly liked the term… and it’ll certainly not be part of our approach.”

However, Treasury mandarins have begged to differ in a hair-raising memo to Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor. What ministers have been reluctant to acknowledge in public makes painful reading in private as the fierce debate between whether to prioritise health or wealth over tackling Covid-19 plays out

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Coronavirus latest: British PM Johnson returns to Downing Street

The Nikkei Asian Review is tracking the spread of the new coronavirus that originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

Global cases have reached 2,810,325, according to the World Health Organization.

The worldwide death toll has hit 193,825.

To see how the disease has spread, click this interactive virus tracker:

Here are the latest developments (Tokyo time):

Monday, April 27

5:10 a.m. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to 10 Downing St. on Sunday evening after recovering from the coronavirus. He is “raring to go,” says Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who stood in for Johnson during his

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