Kim Jong Un’s sister and the fight for North Korea’s bloodline

TOKYO — The mystery surrounding the North Korea’s “sacred” bloodline, and who is next in the line of succession, has only grown since Kim Jong Un’s public reemergence last week.

Kim’s appearance put to rest the notion that he was gravely ill — or even dead, but not to rumors that he suffers from chronic health problems. And the rising profile of his younger sister 32-year-old Kim Yo Jong has sparked speculation that she is being positioned to be next in line.

When Kim cut a ribbon at the opening ceremony for a new fertilizer plant in the western city

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Kim Jong Un intelligence shared with Seoul and Tokyo: US official

WASHINGTON — The U.S. has been sharing information with Japan and South Korea on the recent disappearance of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un from public view, a senior U.S. State Department official said Tuesday.

“Anytime there are issues on the [Korean] Peninsula, as we saw recently, the first governments we speak with are South Korea and Japan,” Marc Knapper, deputy assistant secretary for Korea and Japan, said in regards to Kim’s nearly three-week absence in an online discussion hosted by the Center for Strategic & International Studies, a U.S. think tank.

“The most recent curiosity involving the disappearance of

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Kim Jong Un resumes public activity, state media says

SEOUL — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony, state radio reported Saturday morning.

The Friday event marked the first time Kim’s whereabouts had been publicly known since April 11 — when he attended a Politburo meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea — and ended weeks of speculation about his well-being.

Kim attended the event for a fertilizer plant in South Pyongan Province, in the western part of the country, state radio said. No photos were released.

Kim was joined by many others, including party and military leaders as well as construction workers, according

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Kim Jong Un’s train spotted again in Wonsan

TOKYO — Satellite images gathered on Wednesday by 38North showed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s train at a station in Wonsan, the coastal city where Kim keeps a private resort compound.

Since rumors of Kim suffering ill health surfaced earlier this month, observers of the hermit state have relied on satellite imagery to ascertain his movements. North Korea has stayed silent on his health and whereabouts since his absence from the birthday celebration of his late grandfather, the regime’s founder Kim Il Sung, on April 15.

South Korean and U.S. officials skeptical that Kim was ill said he may

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