Suspending the state pension triple lock could kill it altogether, experts warn

However, inflation is expected to remain low at 0pc next year and 2pc for the following four years, while earnings growth is expected to be 0pc next year, followed by a steady growth to 1pc, 2pc and eventually 2.5pc by 2024. 

Under these assumptions, a move to a double lock would save the Government £2.9bn in 2021 alone. The annual savings would increase over time, reflecting the lower state pensions in all of the previous years under the double lock, meaning that by 2025 the Government could be saving £4.7bn a year.

This also reflects the fact that the number

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Will Apple’s new iPhone SE kill cheap Chinese smartphones?

TOKYO — Apple released its low-cost iPhone SE last month, in an attempt to win market share from Chinese rivals. Nikkei has analyzed the SE to find out how Apple has managed to develop this low-priced model that punches much above its weight.

Apple has splurged on a core processor and some communication parts for the SE model, but other components, including its liquid crystal display and battery, are nearly the same as its iPhone 8. It can be said that the iPhone SE is “a family car equipped with a supercar’s engine,” as the company shifts its strategy from

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Airlines say two-week quarantine plan ‘will kill’ international travel

Ministers have been warned plans to impose a 14-day quarantine on passengers arriving at British airports will “effectively kill international travel” and “cause immeasurable damage” to the aviation industry and wider economy.

The unilateral move by the Government, criticised as part of a “global patchwork” of uncoordinated measures, “will be incredibly damaging for consumer confidence”, bosses said.

This weekend the Telegraph reported that the Government is drawing up plans to segregate travellers for up to a fortnight. 

Passengers who fail to remain at an address given to authorities will face large fines under an initiative overseen by Priti Patel, the

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Don’t kill the economy over the coronavirus, Uniqlo chief says

TOKYO — Business management is like reading a book backward, Fast Retailing Chairman and CEO Tadashi Yanai once said, underscoring the value of knowing the conclusion first before deciding what must be done to get there. That philosophy may be informing his outlook in navigating the repercussions from the coronavirus pandemic.

The global economy must not shut down completely as governments work to contain the outbreak, Yanai told Nikkei in a recent interview, warning that doing so will make a recovery longer and more painful.

Yanai founded the Uniqlo brand in 1984 and has expanded Fast Retailing into the world’s

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