Abe’s barrel-chested stimulus package lacks leg power

TOKYO — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called it the largest stimulus package in the world.

The 117.1 trillion yen ($1.09 trillion) second supplementary budget that was approved by the Japanese cabinet on Wednesday, when put together with an earlier supplementary budget, brings total stimulus measures to 230 trillion yen.

“It’s equivalent to 40% of gross domestic product,” Abe said. “With this, we will protect the Japanese economy from this once-in-a century crisis.”  

Although the headline number matches the scale of the first stimulus package, it counts in contributions from the private sector, which the government will try to unlock. True

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Singapore wields legal power Japan lacks to force social distancing

SINGAPORE — Japan and Singapore both stepped up their coronavirus containment measures on Tuesday, aiming to dramatically reduce social contact between citizens. A vast gulf, however, separates them when it comes to enforcement and the consequences for those who defy the orders.

Singapore began a four-week period of restraint, during which nonessential workplaces and schools will be closed and residents will be expected to stay home as much as possible. An order implemented on Wednesday, based on a new law passed the day before, includes a ban on meeting friends and relatives.

“A person must not meet another individual not

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