Asia’s lead in virus recovery not showing in stock markets

HONG KONG/TOKYO — Asia’s head start over the rest of the world in reopening its coronavirus-hit economies is not reflected in the region’s share indexes, with recoveries lagging those in developed markets.

The MSCI gauge of Asian equities ex Japan has risen 15% since March 23 compared with a gain of more than 30% for the S&P 500 index of U.S. stocks and the MSCI All World Index, which represents performances across 23 developed markets.

Retail investors have poured into Asian stocks in search of bargains, signing up to trade in record numbers. But market participants say long-term capital is

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Vietnam’s FPT looks to lead tech rebound from coronavirus hit

HANOI — FPT, a leading Vietnamese information technology company, began construction on the country’s largest data center in Ho Chi Minh City earlier this month, two weeks after the government lifted social distancing measures aimed at halting the new coronavirus.

FPT was established in 1988 by Vietnam’s National Institute of Technology Research to develop food processing technology. The company has since expanded into information technology and telecommunications, becoming a provider of internet and TV services as well as tech-based corporate solutions. It was listed in 2006 and now has 46 offices overseas, including Japan, Europe and the U.S.

Japan is

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China takes lead in AI-based diagnostic imaging equipment

BEIJING — Imsight Technology, a Chinese company that has been developing equipment for digital radiographic examinations of the chest since 2018, has devised an artificial intelligence system to assist computer-aided tomographic diagnostic screening of the lungs amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The new system is a deep-learning process that reads in a huge amount of data and is capable of reading images as accurately as experienced doctors. During a trial in February, it processed images at more than 99% accuracy.

In the field of AI-based diagnostic imaging, China is leading the world in providing equipment that can read huge amounts

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Zoom may have the lead, but the video chat wars have only just begun

Expect tech companies to dedicate substantial engineering and lobbying effort to winning the video chat wars​

The entrance to Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters is marked by a 10ft sign featuring the social network’s famous thumbs up icon. But as employees drive out of the car park at the end of their day, they are greeted by something else.

Facebook’s offices used to belong to Sun Microsystems, which was once one of the world’s pre-eminent tech companies before it became bloated and complacent, falling into decline, then selling to one-time rival Oracle in 2009. When Facebook moved into its old headquarters

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