What the UK can learn from Lisbon, where house prices could still rise this year despite coronavirus

Lisbon’s rental sector was the first to feel the brunt of the outbreak. As tourism dried up, Airbnb investors moved their properties en masse to the long-term lettings market. The same has happened to London, though on a smaller scale.

Pedro Branco, of estate agency Engel & Volkers, said rental prices fell immediately by 15 to 20pc.

But house prices have so far been resilient, say agents. “Buyers might be trying to lower asking prices, but owners are not under pressure,” said Mr Penalva. Interest rates are low, the Portuguese government has introduced a wage protection scheme, and homeowners can

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Why You Need to Learn to Adapt

Staying in business is all about remaining nimble and relevant.

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It’s a simple truth: Nothing lasts forever. Times change, and business changes right along with it. If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to be able to adapt. If you can’t, you could be left in the dust. The ability to evolve professionally can keep you in the game and lead to further growth and success. Here are just a few of the career-shaping reasons why you need to learn to adapt.

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