The lessons Britain’s restaurants can learn as Europe reopens

Analysts at Goldman Sachs have noted “tentative” signs of a recovery in Germany’s hospitality sector following a rebound in diners seated in restaurants and searches for holiday accommodation in the country.

According to data from online reservation platform OpenTable, restaurant bookings in Germany were up by almost a third on Monday this week compared with the same day a year earlier. Reservations also nudged up 0.3pc on the Sunday, sparking hopes of an early recovery for the hospitality sector.

The figures, however, should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Many states in Germany have made reservations compulsory post-lockdown in

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Japan’s coronavirus response offers little clarity and few lessons

TOKYO — Japan’s state of emergency, imposed in early April over the new coronavirus, lasted about a month and a half. The country escaped the initially feared explosive outbreak and the epidemic is, for the time being, under control. But something does not feel quite right. Many have been left to wonder whether the steps Japan took to combat the virus have been effective.

A member of an expert group of virologists and infectious diseases specialists summarized the situation well in mid-May, before the state of emergency was partially lifted: “The number of infections has definitely dropped. It seems the

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Universities taught hard lessons in financial fight for survival

The remaining £350m will come from a drop-off in entrants from the European Union, whose attendance will collapse by 47pc next year.

This leaves the country’s institutions in an extremely precarious situation, with three quarters of universities facing a “critical financial position where income only just covers expenditure”.

Evidence suggests the bleeding has already commenced. The University of Roehampton announced last week that it would become the first institution to make staff redundant. At least 15pc of the university’s academic posts will be cut.

All told, the rapidly approaching hit to higher education could result in 30,000 jobs being lost

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Early lessons for marketers during the coronavirus pandemic

The spread of the novel coronavirus, which causes the illness COVID-19, continues to disrupt how people live and work, and its impact on marketers and advertising agencies is no different. Researchers have slashed ad spending forecasts, CMOs are preparing for budget cuts and a majority of advertising professionals fear layoffs due to the pandemic’s effects on the economy.

But amid the turmoil, a picture of how marketers can adapt during this crisis is coming into focus. Consumer behaviors around shopping and searching online have already changed as municipalities order residents to stay at home. And consumers’ relationships to brands are

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