Burger King links TV ad with QR code to offer up free Whoppers


  • Burger King in the past week launched two offers for people who are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. One offer urges mobile users to scan a QR code that appears in TV commercials, while another asks them to share screenshots of video calls with friends, per separate tweets.
  • The “QR Whopper” giveaway consists of three TV commercials showing a scannable code floating around the TV screen. Scanning the code with a smartphone brings users to a web page offering coupons for a free Whopper with a purchase through its BK App. The burger chain is giving away
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Marubeni links up with Italian aerospace startup D-Orbit

TOKYO — Japan’s Marubeni Corp. announced on Tuesday that it will form a partnership with Italian aerospace startup D-Orbit aimed at the satellite launch business.

The trading house  is already an investor in Japanese startup Interstellar Technologies but the partnership with D-Orbit will focus on studying the development of an agile satellite release system to attract European demand for small satellite launches.

Marubeni formed a capital partnership with Interstellar, run by entrepreneur Takafumi Horie, in November. Interstellar develops and manufactures a small-sized space rocket, MOMO, as well as Zero, which can launch small satellites into orbit.

D-Orbit focuses on orbital

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Macao faces new blow as transport links with Hong Kong severed

HONG KONG — The last remaining public transportation link between Macao and Hong Kong has been cut as coronavirus infections resurge, a development sure to inflict additional damage on Macao’s $33 billion gaming industry.

The Golden Bus shuttle service on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was suspended Monday. Ridership had plunged amid the pandemic, and ferry rides and helicopter trips between the two cities had already been halted.

It takes about an hour by ferry and less than 40 minutes on the Zhuhai overseas bridge to travel from Hong Kong to Macao. Many Hong Kongers use these two modes of transportation

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