Canadian telecoms lock Huawei out of 5G networks

GUANGZHOU — Two Canadian telecommunication providers have decided not to procure equipment from Huawei Technologies for their 5G networks, in a major setback for the Chinese supplier’s business ambitions in that country. 

Vancouver-based telecom Telus released a statement Tuesday saying it will adopt equipment from Ericsson and Nokia to build its fifth-generation infrastructure. The same day, Bell Canada announced it has chosen Ericsson as its 5G device source.

Both Telus and Bell use Huawei equipment for portions of their current networks. Telus in particular has run a 5G research center jointly with Huawei, but the Canadian carrier will distance itself

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Suspending the state pension triple lock could kill it altogether, experts warn

However, inflation is expected to remain low at 0pc next year and 2pc for the following four years, while earnings growth is expected to be 0pc next year, followed by a steady growth to 1pc, 2pc and eventually 2.5pc by 2024. 

Under these assumptions, a move to a double lock would save the Government £2.9bn in 2021 alone. The annual savings would increase over time, reflecting the lower state pensions in all of the previous years under the double lock, meaning that by 2025 the Government could be saving £4.7bn a year.

This also reflects the fact that the number

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Pensioners could foot bill for coronavirus support as ‘triple lock’ guarantee under threat

This is not the first time the triple lock has come under fire. In 2017 an independent review commissioned by the Government recommended scrapping the protection.

Alistair McQueen of Aviva, a pension provider, said the triple lock had done its job, which was originally to boost pensioners’ incomes in retirement. The guarantee was introduced by David Cameron’s coalition government in 2010 to close the income gap between workers and pensioners. Retirement incomes are at an all-time high in real terms and the average gross income of a pensioner household is 10pc higher than in 2008.

Mr McQueen said: “If we

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