Disney posts first loss in two decades despite lockdown streaming boom

Disney has posted its first loss in almost two decades after the coronavirus crisis created a perfect storm for the entertainment giant, in which most of its key businesses ground to a near-halt.

The company said it made a loss of $4.7bn (£3.6bn) in the three months to the end of June as sales slumped by 40pc to $11.8bn.

The company’s theme parks, cruise lines, movie business and sports broadcasting division have all been hit hard by the pandemic, overshadowing the wildly successful launch of Disney Plus, its streaming rival to Netflix.

While subscribers to Disney Plus hit 57.5m, well

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One in five workers at risk from over-50s lockdown

“The consequences for the economy as a whole would be no less severe, since the over-50s now comprise almost a third of the national workforce. Bringing many of their careers to a premature end would lead to a significant loss of output and remove a great deal of talent and valuable experience from the workplace as well,” said Ms Abrahams at Age UK.

“If the idea – however theoretical – behind making all over-50s stay at home is to save the country from another national lockdown then our policymakers may discover that the cure is as bad as the disease

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Why a second lockdown might push me into a breakdown

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There is nothing sweeter in life than having proper experts validating what you’ve been banging on about for ages. So you can imagine my delight when the Office for National Statistics confirmed what every parent has known since March 23 – having children has made lockdown roughly 4,568pc harder.

Ok, my boffins in shining armour didn’t say that exactly, but they did find that a quarter of homeschooling parents thought there had been

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‘Faulty Hotpoint washing machine set fire to my kitchen during lockdown’

Dear PL,

What a hideous ordeal you have endured. Lockdown has been hard to bear even for those in more fortunate circumstances, so I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for you, dealing with a fire and the fallout.

I’ve had many dealings with Whirlpool over the years, thanks to various scandals over its faulty appliances. I must say that I’ve rarely come across a company that appears to care so little about its customers.

In the past it has refused refunds to customers whose faulty tumble dryers have exploded, fobbing them off with repairs or replacements. It

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