UK joins game of Russian roulette with sanctions plan

The Magnitsky Act was devised as a way to target individuals, while avoiding blanket sanctions on a country that would disproportionately hurt the poorest members of society.

“The brilliance of this legislation is that it’s individual,” says Kara-Murza. “In previous times, sanctions would target entire countries for the actions of a small group of unelected crooks.”

The Magnitsky Act is personal, he adds: “It doesn’t punish 140 million people, in the case of Russia, for the actions of Putin’s unelected clique.”

But privately, some business leaders are concerned.

Saudi Arabia, which saw six members of its crown prince’s inner circle

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Europe’s great stimulus plan is little more than political theatre

Weak industrial orders matter more than surging retail sales as an indicator at this juncture. Pent-up demand has inflated purchases. Will spending hold up as job subsidies run down and unemployment bites in earnest? I doubt it.

“Sustaining the pace of recovery will get increasingly difficult from here,” says Neil Shearing from Capital Economics. “The easy economic wins from lifting lockdowns have already happened.”

As for Holland’s Rutte, his negotiating demands are draconian. There should be no fiscal transfers, just loans, and these must be rigorously controlled. Any aid to Italy and Spain – or the East Europeans – must

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My son may only be two, but the race is on to plan his route to public school

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It’s fair to say that I have a chip on my shoulder about schools. OK, more like a bag of chips, a big bowl of mushy peas and a saveloy.

You see my sister went to a top grammar school, my dad got a full scholarship to a public school… and I went to what Alastair Campbell, then Labour spin doctor, called a “bog standard comprehensive”.

Obviously I like to play up the

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P&G’s Pritchard outlines 4-point plan to dismantle racial inequality

Dive Brief:

  • Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard outlined the packaged goods giant’s plan to eliminate racial inequality, an initiative that the executive said has taken on fresh significance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and mass civil unrest over police brutality and racial violence.
  • Speaking during a virtual Cannes Lions event, a transcript of which was provided by P&G after its broadcast, the executive detailed four benchmarks the marketer has set for itself, firstly to achieve 40% multicultural representation in the U.S. Secondly, P&G is accelerating its investments in third-party Black-owned and -operated media companies,
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