Willie Walsh blasts ‘blind and deaf’ union as Qatar rides to IAG’s rescue

BA announced up to 12,000 redundancies in April in response to the pandemic, which led to all but a handful of flights being grounded.

Union leaders are angry at BA’s plans to “fire and rehire” some cabin crew, forcing those that remain at the airline to accept inferior pay and working conditions.

“At the heart of this, you have a trade union that has refused to accept that this is a crisis that needs to be addressed,” Mr Walsh said.

“The Unite trade union has told everybody that this is a temporary issue that can be resolved by temporary measures. 

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Japan’s eGuarantee rides pandemic demand to insure owed payments

TOKYO — Despite the recent turmoil in global equities markets, the stock of Japanese accounts receivable insurer eGuarantee has steadily climbed thanks to a business model that shines especially in turbulent times.

The shares marked a record high of 1,996 yen on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on April 21. The stock price has increased tenfold in seven years or so, propelling the company into the ranks of so-called tenbaggers.

A group company of trading house Itochu, eGuarantee insures businesses against defaults on payments owed by clients. It has apparently added the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars to its

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