Japan plans to set up virus testing center for travelers: Abe

TOKYO — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Thursday the government was considering setting up a new coronavirus testing facility dedicated to overseas travelers, as he stressed the need to reopen borders to business and trade.

“The present state of ‘isolation’ has an enormous impact at a time of globalization, especially on a country like Japan that depends on international trade,” said Abe at a news conference held at the end of the Diet session. “We have decided to open borders first to business travelers from countries that have contained the virus.”

The idea of establishing a new polymerase

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Mitsubishi Heavy set to take over Mitsui’s sub hunter shipyard

TOKYO — Japanese defense contractor Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will begin discussions to buy Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding’s warship production assets, including a historical shipyard where Japan’s latest submarine hunter was built.

The two sides aim to sign the final contract by the end of the year, Mitsubishi Heavy said Friday, and complete the deal in October 2021. The acquisition price has yet to be determined.

Mitsui E&S most recently built Japan’s first oceanic surveillance vessel in nearly three decades. The Aki, a SWATH catamaran introduced in January, is designed to detect submarines. The third of the Hibiki-class sub hunters

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Japan set to challenge US and China for fastest supercomputer

TOKYO — A government-backed supercomputer project looks to zip past dominant American and Chinese rivals to reclaim the top spot for Japan in international speed rankings due out this month.

Co-developed by Fujitsu and the Riken institute, the Fugaku has a theoretical peak speed of roughly 530 petaflops. This is equivalent to each of the world’s 7 billion people performing one calculation per second nonstop for more than two years.

It is more than twice as fast as the 200 petaflops of IBM’s Summit, which has led the twice-annual Top500 rankings for two years. The Fugaku represents Japan’s best hope

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Tokyo set to drop all coronavirus business restrictions on June 19

TOKYO — The Tokyo metropolitan government is set to lift all business restrictions on June 19 after the capital on Thursday rescinded its “state of alert” warning of a potential second wave of COVID-19 infections.

Immediately after the state of emergency was lifted last month, Tokyo issued its first alert on June 2. The alert did not lead to stricter social distancing, but advised caution.

As the restrictions are lifted, Tokyo is expected to allow more facilities — including karaoke parlors and theme parks — to reopen on Friday. Restaurants will be allowed to operate until midnight, rather than 10

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