British stocks ‘not cheap’ despite market falling 17pc this year

Investors assuming now is the time to pick up a bargain by buying British shares could be in for a shock as figures show the market is more expensive than its average over the past 14 years.

A tried and tested way of making money is buying stocks where the share price is trading below its average and waiting for rebound. But investors often confuse this strategy with buying investments that have recently fallen in value. This illusion of cheapness has cost many investor a pretty penny over time.

Markets around the world have performed differently from one another this

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The funds buying the ‘cheapest’ and most ‘expensive’ stocks

Buying stocks at the right price is an integral part of investing. Using metrics to find out whether a stock is cheap or expensive is a natural stage in the decision-making process. Investors who buy funds often skip passed this – assuming the manager has done the work  – but knowing whether a fund has cheap or expensive stocks will help you pick the best portfolios.

One common way to figure out whether a company is expensive or cheap is to look at its price-to-earnings ratio (p/e). This handy number tells you how much you are paying for a company

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The stocks to avoid in case of a coronavirus second spike

Investors could be putting their savings at risk by snapping up severely discounted stocks as a second spike in coronavirus cases and another lockdown look increasingly likely.

Airlines, oil majors and high-street banks have been some of the most-bought companies since the stock market sell-off in March, of which they were some of the biggest casualties. Players in The Telegraph Fantasy Fund Manager competition have also be adding them to their portfolios expecting share prices to recover as life returns to normal.

But those expecting a quick bounce back could be disappointed if the public health situation takes a sudden

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The stocks to buy after the Government’s summer spending splurge

Pubs, restaurants and tourism

The Chancellor announced that everyone in the country will get an “eat out to help out” discount throughout August. 

Meals will be half price at any participating pub or restaurant, Monday to Wednesday, with a maximum discount of £10 per head.

This should provide support for businesses in the pub and restaurant sector. Mr Hyett said the government’s voucher scheme should give consumer spending a bit of a boost in early August. However, it’s ultimate effects are difficult to judge at this stage as it is the first scheme of its kind.

Hospitality and tourism businesses

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