Willie Walsh blasts ‘blind and deaf’ union as Qatar rides to IAG’s rescue

BA announced up to 12,000 redundancies in April in response to the pandemic, which led to all but a handful of flights being grounded.

Union leaders are angry at BA’s plans to “fire and rehire” some cabin crew, forcing those that remain at the airline to accept inferior pay and working conditions.

“At the heart of this, you have a trade union that has refused to accept that this is a crisis that needs to be addressed,” Mr Walsh said.

“The Unite trade union has told everybody that this is a temporary issue that can be resolved by temporary measures. 

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The EU crosses the Rubicon as it inches toward fiscal union

Things didn’t turn out quite this way. There has indeed been convergence on inflation, where the differences between eurozone members are now minimal. And, of course, the gaps between interest rates and bond yields in different member countries, although they occasionally flare up, are also minimal.

But in other matters there has been anything but convergence. Perhaps most dramatically, while the economies of the prosperous north have grown reasonably well – albeit not spectacularly – since the euro was formed, Italy has hardly grown at all. That’s right; virtually zero growth in 20 years – even before coronavirus struck. Figures

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