Want to invest in a Covid-19 vaccine? You should avoid it like the plague

Scientists are getting closer to developing a vaccine for Covid-19. Success would be a game-changer and mark a key turning point in the fight against the virus.

Investors are betting it would be a boon for the winning company as governments around the world would immediately clamber to place orders.

Moderna, a biotechnology company based in America, is leading the race, according to Nina Deka of Robo Global, a research group. Its share price has risen by 170pc this year but has been very volatile.

Larger, more diversified companies carry less risk, according to Dan Mahony of Polar Capital, the

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Takara Bio drives Japan’s quest for a coronavirus vaccine

OSAKA — As nations scramble to develop vaccines for the coronavirus, Takara Bio is at the forefront of Japan’s efforts, tapping its four decades of gene-editing experience to help develop a DNA-based approach that has never been used in humans before.

The pharmaceutical maker is in a unique position during the pandemic: It is not only Asia’s largest supplier of the reagents used in testing for the virus, but also is in the forefront of developing a DNA vaccine that could be put into mass production quickly to meet demand.

The pandemic put a spotlight on Takara Bio in February

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Thailand begins coronavirus vaccine trials on monkeys

BANGKOK (Reuters) — Thailand on Saturday began testing a vaccine against the coronavirus on monkeys after positive trials in mice, an official said.

Thailand’s minister of higher education, science, and research and innovation, Suvit Maesincee, said researchers had moved testing of the vaccine to monkeys and hoped to have a “clearer outcome” of its effectiveness by September.

“This project is for the human race, not just Thais. The prime minister (Prayuth Chan-ocha) has outlined a policy that we must develop a vaccine and join the world community workforce on this,” Suvit told reporters on Saturday.

Thailand announced on Wednesday that

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Japan’s AGC joins project to develop coronavirus DNA vaccine

TOKYO — Japanese chemical and materials maker AGC said Thursday it has teamed up with an Osaka University-affiliated biotechnology company to help produce a coronavirus vaccine that offers a great mass-manufacturing advantage.

The DNA vaccine project is a collaboration between biotech venture AnGes and Takara Bio, which will handle most of the production work.

Seattle-based AGC Biologics, a subsidiary of AGC, will supply an intermediate material. The vaccine is expected to enter clinical trials as early as this summer.

Takara Bio looks to manufacture about 200,000 doses in a year. Unlike standard vaccines, which use live or inactivated pathogens to

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