How Amazon’s ‘smiling assassin’ Jeff Bezos went from super-geek to king of the world

“The narrative with Bezos and Amazon then was: ‘what’s wrong with the investment community that they continue to fund a business that loses money with every transaction?” says Steven Weber, a professor of technology and global politics at the University of California, Berkeley. “[Investors believed] that it was playing the game of the dotcom era – pay the cost to acquire customers, and once we have that market owned we’ll raise profits.”

What changed that, Weber says, was Amazon Web Services (AWS). Spun off from Amazon’s own internal cloud computing division in 2006, it initially seemed a strange venture to

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Inside the weird world of ‘Robinhood’ day traders sending some share prices crazy

Since then, Raytheon shares have fallen about 5pc. While Portnoy’s trade may not go down as one of history’s great investments, it epitomised a corner of the trading world that has gained increasing attention in recent weeks.

Portnoy – who became an internet celebrity after launching the Barstool Sports blog – has become the doyen of a new breed of day traders. Known as “Robinhood investors”, after the commission-free trading platform many use, they have received some blame – fairly and unfairly – for the wild market rally of recent months.

Congregating around online blogs and forums, these traders

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The corporate world going ‘woke’ isn’t all bad news for capitalism

Regardless, combine that behaviour with how some major corporations snuff out viewpoint diversity on other issues in their own workplaces and the idea, long-propagated, that capitalism itself fosters “liberal values” such as free speech, free association, and the centrality of the individual to morality, looks increasingly questionable.

In fact, the ascendant progressive world-view of Generation Z that equates some speech with violence, cancels those with the wrong views, and embraces identity politics, is far less likely to be conducive to the most dynamic, free market variant of capitalism, which unsurprisingly relies on free thought.

A shift towards a fuller-fat “woke

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How China’s Goldwind is taking over the turbine world

The Xinjiang Wind Power Company, a forerunner to Goldwind, used $3.2m (£2.5m) from the Danish government to purchase 13 wind turbines in 1989, and a year later, the Dabancheng Wind Farm was connected to the grid.

Wu Gang joined the company around this time, an engineer with a fascination for wind power.

After 10 years of learning his craft, Wu would take his expertise and his experience working at Xinjiang Wind Power Company and establish Goldwind. The two firms would maintain a close relationship over the years: Xinjiang Wind Power Company is still listed as Goldwind’s largest shareholder, although available

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